Hello! Online, I’m known as, 8Blits. I am a Unity C# Game Developer, Pixel Artist, and Logo Designer, I make logos ranging all the way from Minecraft Servers, to Discord Bots, to Twitch / Twitter Banners, and to Software! I started game development around 2019. I tried used Godot for a couple weeks, but I never liked their coding language. I also tried Lua / Roblox for a bit, but again, I didnt like the language. Currently I’m working on my game, Chilly! A... Procedurally-Generated-Multiplayer- Roughlike-ShootEmUp-Survival-Game. This website is still being developed, so, if you are interested in anything I do, contact me on discord, 8Blits#0008. Or email me,! I do preffer discord as I am more active on that. :)